Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer 2009 Season's End Sale Preview

The Daisy Shop on Oak in Chicago
women's couture resale
67 East Oak Street, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 USA


All prices shown $US.
All sales are final sales.
All merchandise is 2nd hand, authentic couture.

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Summer 2009 Season's End Sale Preview
July 5-August 31
40% off Summer garments; 20% off Summer accessories
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Adam Jones Blouse, ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Adolfo Vintage Jacket and coordinating Blouse, ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Adolfo Vintage Shell and Skirt ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Jil Sander Pant ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Aeve Sweater ON SALE!
St. John Capri Jeans ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Akris Blouse ON SALE! (2nd hand, authentic couture)

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192 Marvelous Summer Items ON SALE!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Perspicacious Woman OnLine (C), a fashion ezine, bi-monthly by subscription only

The Perspicacious Woman OnLine (C)

Volume 10:Number 2

June July, 2009

The voice of The Daisy Shop, its staff, its customers


Friday, May 1, 2009

May 01, 2009 Daisy Fresh Pix

The DAISY Shop,
women's couture resale
67 East Oak Street, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611 USA


(001 International +1) + (312) 943-8880

We cannot accept telephone orders.

FAX: (001 International +1) + (312) 943-6660, a secure line for ordering by credit card

(VISA, M\C, Disc accepted for US orders; Bank draft for International orders.)

To “Reserve” merchandise (24 hour hold), e-mail us. E-mail address Head Daisy

All prices shown $US.
All sales are final sales.
All merchandise is 2nd hand, authentic couture.

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Daisy Fresh Pix

Spring 2009 Newly Arrived Merchandise you don't wanna miss.
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Lace Trend
Dolce & Gabbana Suit, Baby Blue, Navy Blue, white houndstooth cotton multiblend Jacket with taupe lace tipping, Nehru collar, hook & eye closure, 2 front pockets with Faux pearl button closure Bust, 36 in.; sleeve length, 13-1\2 in.; length from nape, 20-3\4 in. A-line Skirt, dropped waist, lace trimmed with gussets Waist, 29 in.; hips, 37 in.; length, 24 in.
Shown with Chanel Shell (sleeveless, Ballerina neckline, Navy Blue silk, ribbon tipping Bust, 36 in.; length from nape, 22 in. $392.00); probable Montgomery Necklace (Faux blue pearl, ungraduated, 18 in., part of set with clip earrings $274.00); Vintage Necklace (light blue (colorized) freshwater pearls ungraduated, 9 mm, 32 in. $236.00)
(2nd hand, authentic couture)

Pink Trend
Soo Yung Lee Vintage Dress, pink linen, Jewel neckline, cap sleeves, seamed detail front and back, Chemise style Bust, 37 in.; length from nape, 42-1\2 in.
Shown with Frank Olive Hat (periwinkle blue straw Circumference, 23-1/2 in. $204.00)
(2nd hand, authentic couture)

Basic Black Trend
Akris Jacket, black cotton and viscose blended fabric, tatted in whorl pattern, Nehru collar, circle edging in front, cropped, slit sleeves, lined in silk Bust, 36 in.; sleeve length, 12-1\2 in.; length from nape, 18-1\4 in.
Shown with Schumacher Skirt (black tulle with greige waistband, circle skirt Waist, 27 in.; hips, 40 in.; length, 29 in. $262.00); probable Valentino Vintage Blouse (cream satin, sleeveless, attached stock, 5 button closure Bust, 36 in.; length from nape, 21 in. $174.00); Mr. John Vintage Hat (black straw, ermine trim, chin strap Size Small $219.00)
(2nd hand, authentic couture)

Graphics Trend
Hache Dress, multi-print cotton, Ballerina neckline, pleated top, sleeveless, dropped waist, side ties Bust, 36 in., length from nape, 37-1\2 in.
Shown with Eric Javits Purse (tan and brown woven hemp, tan leather shoulder strap and piping, zippered closure, zippered inside pocket, cell phone pocket, key ring 13 in. x 9-1\2 in. x 4 in. Strap, 39 in. $301.00)

Metallic Trend
Hannant Pantsuit, pewter gray silk, unconstructed top, V-necked, lapped sleeves, cropped, unlined Bust, 49 in.; sleeve length, 13 in., length from nape, 24 in. full legged, high-rise Pant, slash pockets, pleated front, belt loops, silk lined Waist, 28 in; hips, 47 in.; inseam, 32-1\2 in.
$619.00 (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Monotone Trend
Akris Pantsuit, greige linen blend Jacket: 3 button closure, 2 front pockets Bust, 36 in.; sleeve length, 17-1/2 in.; length from nape, 25-1/4 in. Pant: French cut, lo-rise waist, 28-1/2 in.; hips, 38-1/2 in.; inseam, 32 in.
Shown with Vintage Necklace (mottled pink and gray agitate, hand-tied, ungraduated, copper separators Length, 22 in. $136.00)
(2nd hand, authentic couture)

Metallic Trend
Moschino Belt, coral leather, metal logo detail 1-1/2 in. x 36 in.
$125.00 (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Graphics Trend
Christian Dior Vintage Scarf, silk twill cream, caramel, and brown stripes, 30 in. square
$126.00 (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Environmentally Sound Trend

Armani Hat, natural hemp Circumference, 21 in. Shown with Vintage Flower Pin ($21.00)
$135.00 (2nd hand, authentic couture)

Graphic Trend
Claude Brown Blouse, white cotton and Spandex, balloon 3/4 sleeves, 7 button closure Bust, 39 in.; sleeve length, 8-3/4 in.; length from nape, 27-1/4 in.
Shown with Claude Brown Skirt (cotton and Spandex, stained glass pattern, dropped waist with pleats, A-line, side zipper, 5 button closure Waist, 32 in.; hips, 40 in.; length, 22-1/2 in. $174.00)
(2nd hand, authentic couture)

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More Daisy Fresh Pix to Come!
View all Spring 2009 Fashion Trend Items: Fashion Forward

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring 2009 Couture Trends The Daisy Shop, women's couture resale

Spring 2009 Couture Fashion Trends
...Vintage Adele Simpson: Florals Vintage Adolfo: Pleated Details Vintage Adolfo: Neon Green & Jolly Polka Dots Aeve: Nautical Vintage Akira: Romantic Red Akris: Basic Black Akris: Monotones Akris: Soft Blouses Alaia: Cardigans Vintage Aldrich: Metallics Anna Sui: Romantic Purses & Pantone French Blue Armani: Basic Black Armani: Pantone French Blue
Armani: Monotones Armani: Sequins Vintage Armani: Ice Cream Whites Armani: Environmentally Pure Armani: Pantone Dusty Pink & French Blue Armani: Metallics & Pleated Details Armani: More Pleated Details Armani: Metallics Vintage Astre: Chapeaus Azourel: Basic Black & Romantic Lace Badgley Mischka: Metallics Vintage Karen Hornsby: Florals Badgley Mischka: Basic Inky Blue Vintage Bally: Basic Navy Blue Margiela: Cropped Top & Black & White Vintage Becky Bisoulis: Pantone Muted Green Vintage Betmar: Chapeaus Blumarine: Ruffles Vintage Bob Mackie: Metallics Vintage Bottega Veneta: Black & WhiteBottega Veneta: Monotones Vintage Bottega Veneta: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Burberry: Cardigans Vintage Escada: Romantic Reds Vintage Cache: Tiered Cardona: Ruffles Carole Garber: Ice Cream Whites & Jolly Polka Dots Carolina Herrera: Pantone Muted Green Celine: Monotones Celine: Sequins Celine: Faux Skins Vintage Cerutti: MetallicsChanel: Pleated Details Vintage Chanel: Denim Chanel: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Chanel: Basic Navy Blue
Vintage Chanel: Military Vintage Chanel: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Chanel: Chapeaus Vintage Chanel: Plaids Chanel: Monotones Vintage Chanel: Pantone Muted Green Chanel: Nautical Chang-Lima: Monotones Chloe: Neon Yellow Chris Kole: Ruffles Chris Kole: Romantic Red Chris Kole: Plaids Claude Brown: Graphics Claude Brown: Chocolate Vintage Claude Montana: Romantic Reds Leddi: Jolly Polka Dots Vintage Comme Des Garcons: Basic Navy Blue Cottman: Basic Navy Blue Country Shop: Plaid Country Shop: Pleated Details Curiel: Basic BlackDolce & Gabanna: Faux Skins Buchman: Neon Green & Pink Vintage DeJac: Black & White & Jolly Polka Dots Vintage Pamela Dennis: Metallics Vintage David Hayes: Black & White Christian Dior: Florals Christian Dior: Monotones Vintage Escada: Black & Whites Feraud: Pantone French Blue Vintage Feraud: Florals Ferragamo: Environmentally Pure Ferragamo: Monotones Ferragamo: Swag Belt Vintage Fiandanca: Monotones Vintage Fox: The Pink Things Frank Olive: Chapeaus Vintage Galanos: Romantic Red Galliano: Romantic Lace Galliano: Florals Gaultier: Basic Black Gaultier: Forals Genny: Sequins Vintage Genny: Neon Pink Vintage George David: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Geoffrey Beene: Romantic Red Vintage Geoffrey Beene: Nautical Graham Green: Printed Tulle Vintage Greene: MetallicsVintage Gunne Sax: Romantic Lace Vintage Guy LaRoche: Black & Whites Vintage Hanae Mori: Basic Black Han Feng: Basic Black Vintage Cathy Hardwick: Black & White Heisel: Basic Navy Blue Vintage Helga: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Hermes: Romantic Red Vintage Carolina Herrera: Basic Black Vintage Carolina Herrera: Monotones Vintage Hino & Malee: Aubergine Vintage Jaeger: Neon Yellow Eric Javits: Chapeaus Eric Javits: Environmentally Pure Vintage Jessica McClintoc: Pleated Details & Romantic Lace Vintage Joan Raines: Neon Orange Vintage Kanes: Graphics Vintage Christian LaCroix: Neon Purple Lamanna: Florals Vintage LaMendola: Florals Lana Marks: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Lane Davis: Basic Black Vintage Lanvin: Nautical
Nanette LePore: Faux Skins Vintage Laura Ashley: Ice Cream Whites Ron Leal: Pantone Muted Green & Pleated Details Morgane LeFaye: Basic Black Vintage Leser: Summer Brocades Vintage Leslie: Sequins Vintage Liancarlo: Sequins Lilly: Graphics & Pantone Muted Green Linda Campisano: Chapeaus Lorenzini: Transparents Luca Luca: Cropped Top Man Wing: Pantone French Blue Man Wing: Pleated Details Marc Jacobs: Metallics Max Mara: Pantone Muted Green Max Mara: Jolly Polka Dots Max Mara: Pantone French Blue Stella McCartney: Romantic Lace & Ice Cream Whites Vintage Mary McFadden: Neon Pink Michael Kors: Ruffles Michael Kors: Environmentally Pure Michael Kors: Graphics & Pleated Details Misi: Monotones Vintage Missoni: Pantone Dusty Pink Vintage Missoni: Nautical Stripes Miu Miu: Nautical Vintage Isaac Mizrahi: Romantic Reds Vintage Moorcraft: Zippers Moschino: Peek-A-Boo Moschino: Details Moschino: MetallicsVintage Moschino: Jolly Polka Dots Moschino: Pantone Dusty Pink Moschino: Metallics Vintage Mr. John: Chapeaus Neiman Marcus: Ruffles & Neon Pink Vintage Neiman Marcus: Neon Aqua Neiman Marcus: Soft Blouses Vintage Nevins: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Nights: Sequins Vintage Paris Blues: Romantic Reds Vintage Patricia Rhodes: Romantic Lace Vintage Paul-Louis Orrier: MetallicsPaul Smith Blue: Florals Pazuki: Ruffles Perrin: Metallics Peter Cohen: Summer Brocade Philippe: Monotones Vintage Platos + Ross: Graphics Vintage Platt: Monotones Polvere: Neon Pink Prada: Pantone Dusty Lavender Prada: Neon Periwinkle Prada: Pantone Dusty Blue Prada: Pleated Details Prada: Monotones Prada: Pantone Dusty Pink Pratesi: Pantone Muted Green Jamin Puech: Pantone Dusty Salmon Vintage Purcell: Neon Pink Rada: Romantic Purses Ralph Lauren: Sequins Rena Lange: Basic Black Michael Kors: Basic Black Rubin Chapelle: Black & Whites Vintage Sonia Rykiel: Basic Black Vintage Sansapelle: Basic Black Vintage Sansapelle: Metallics Vintage Scherrer: Metallics & Ruffles Schumacher: Tulle Vintage Shepherd's of Australia: Graphics Olsen: Ice Cream Whites Starkman: Black & Whites Graham Steele: Black & Whites Vintage Stephen Y: Basic Black Vintage St. Gilliam: Florals Vintage Suzy: Environmentally Pure Teri Jon: Black & Whites Vicki Thiel: Rusching Vintage Thierry Mugler: Basic Black Vintage Theirry Mugler: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Thierry Mugler: Romantic Red Vintage Thierry Mugler: Pantone Dusty Salmon Vintage Thierry Mugler: Military Tibi: Ruffles Vintage Tiktiner: Pleated Details & Jolly Polka Dots Tory Burch: Crocheted & Neon Yellow Tory Burch: Black & Whites & Bolero Vintage Richard Tyler: Black & White Branquinho: Monotones Vintage Umi: Muted Plaid Ungaro: Basic Black Ungaro: Ruffles Valentino: Sequins Vintage Valentino: Neon Pink Yeohlee: Woven Checks Victor Costa: Woven Checks Vera Wang: Graphics & Pleated Details Versace: Basic Black Vintage Versace: Basic Black Vintage Versace: Ice Cream Whites Vintage Victor Costa: Metallics Vintage: Graphics Vintage: Sequins Vintage: Jolly Polka Dots Watters: Basic Navy Blue Yamamoto: Checks Yamamoto: Basic Black Yamamoto: Monotones Yeohlee: Metallics Yeohlee: Woven Checks Yolanda Lorente: Jolly Polka Dots Yolanda Lorente: Graphics Vintage Zanzani: Metallics Vintage Zoran: Naked Backs Adam Jones: Ruffles MAG: Contrast Vintage Blouse: Transparents Vintage Complice: Ice Cream Whites TSE: Monotones Ozbek: Graphics Bulgari: Romantic Purses Domen: Romantic Purses Miu Miu: Metallics Vintage Scaasi: Sequins Waist Management: Vintage Mimi Di N Vintage Armani: Vintage: Chanel: Vintage: Vintage Escada: Vintage Gucci: Vintage Hermes: Vintage Judith Leiber: Kenzo: Lalique: Vintage: Moschino: Vintage Omega: Vintage Picasso: Vintage St. John: Trussardi: Vintage: Vintage Yves St. Laurent: Soft Pant: Armani Escada: Vintage Nygard: Vintage Versace: Vintage Feraud: Vintage Christian Dior: Zanella: Vintage Richard Tyler: Moschino: Vintage: Vintage Ferre: Max Studio: Yeohlee: Come see what's in store for you!

Gently worn, authentic couture garments and accessories, Vintage and current stylings, in pristine condition, of course, gleaned from the closets of the best dressed women all over the world. Located at 67 E. Oak, 6th floor, Chicago (between Michigan Avenue and Rush). Open Mon-Sat, 11a-6p. Closed on Sundays in April. VISA, Disc, M\C accepted.

Visit our catalog website: http://daisyshop.com